Guys, do you sometimes really feel like home cooked food you’ve made yourself, but don’t have the time or feel lazy to shop for it? Then you need Khuraaki in your life.

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Khuraaki a recipe box company which promotes delivered meals as fresh, healthy and halal. and committed to using recyclable packaging.

All views expressed are from my own personal experience of using the product or service.

Khuraaki is the one stop shop for all your fresh ingredients, halal meat and recipe ideas. We package and deliver the 100% halal recipe box meal to your home. Our model is based on weekly subscriptions which can be renewed.

Khuraaki has a team of recipe and food experts that have worked over the years to master and test recipes based on vegetables and halal meat. Browse through our extensive recipe collection at our website. Everything ranging from simple casseroles to complex turkey meals are featured on our website. Home cooking using fresh ingredients is now as easy as breeze! All you have to do is select the recipes from our website and order them. We will deliver the exact measures of ingredients based on the serving size you select of each recipe. Our team of experts has ensured the measurements are exact to the recipe so nothing goes wasted! For those looking for genuine halal meat ingredients, Khuraaki is the ideal reliable solution.

How it works: Goto and complete an online form to register. Browse and choose a recipe from a host of simple, tasty, original and halal recipes that you can select from! Select the servings size and how many family members to feed.

Once you choose the recipes, everything is packed and delivered fresh every Tuesday.

Open the box and start cooking delicious and healthy meals!

Khuraaki was founded by a team of dedicated foodies who believe that nothing can beat home cooked fresh food in terms of health, taste and happiness! Khuraaki is also dedicated to providing the first ever halal recipe box to enable you to prepare your completely halal and fresh meals from scratch.

With our 100% halal recipe box that is unique and one of its kind in U.K. we ensure the simplicity and sanctity of fresh home cooked meals are maintained. With our recipes, you can recreate balanced and delicious meals at home which serve to maintain your and your family’s health and happiness. Our USP’s include:

Genuine 100% halal meat that is locally reared.

Honesty and dedication to our values related to fresh halal food.

Commitment to reduction in food waste with accurately measured recipe and ingredients.