Chicken and Piccalilli Samosa Squares
These are so delicious and crunchy,  very easy and everyone will love these.
Great as a snack, family get togethers, party’s or picnics!

Piccalilli Sauce – If your from UK, they sell it in most Supermarkets, I posted a picture of the bottle on my Facebook page.
Otherwise this link may help you 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to help you.

This recipe will make 40-45 Squares 🙂
This is so easy to make, you just need a few ingredients which are:

500g of chick fillet cut into small pieces.
2 medium potatoes chopped into small pieces.
Flour paste which acts like a glue.
Whole 1 tsp cumin
Chilli & Garlic sauce 5 tblspns
Piccalilli Sauce 5 tblspns
2 medium onions finely chopped
Some garlic cloves & fresh chillies which im going to grind into a paste
A packet of Spring Roll sheets.


In a pot melt butter, add the whole cumin, sauté the onions till nice and soft and lightly golden.

Add in the chicken pieces and garlic and chilli paste. Cover and cook till most of the water has evaporated from the chicken. Add in the potatoes. After the potatoes have cooked stir in the piccalilli sauce as well as the chilli and garlic sauce. Mix it in gently as you don’t want to break the potatoes.

Before you fill into squares leave the mixture to cool for a while and chop the coriander over.

Now to fill in the squares. Cut the spring roll sheets into 2” strips take 1 strip brush some flour paste on the top corner, place another strip horizontal. Put a little bit of filling and fold one side of the strip, brush some flour paste and fold over the other side of the strip. Do this till you end up with square and brush the paste on the edge and seal.

You can fry in deep oil and can be frozen.