OMD! I think I just found our goto Halal place @thelebanesebakeryldn in @coventgardenldn with its authentic menu of popular Lebanese food.

The Lebanese Bakery brings its speciality traditional street foods from Beirut to London recently opened in 2018 serving a delicious variety of Lebanese flatbreads (Manousheh), bite sized bakes (Mouajjanet), All Day Breakfasts, Fresh Juices and a lot more.

Everything is baked fresh in a brick oven especially bought from back home, and made in front of you with most of the ingredients and toppings carefully handpicked by selected Lebanese farmers.

We just loved the atmosphere, and for those short moments it felt like we were away in some far away lands!

#AnisaInLondon #Invite

In the pics šŸ‘‡

Chicken Djej Marinated chicken breast, lettuce, pickles, garlic spread

Lahmeh Bi Ajin Minced beef & lamb, onions, tomatoes, green bell peppers

Haleweh & Strawberry Halva, strawberry, green pistachios

Hummus Chickpea & tahini spread roasted beetroot, olive oil, whole wheat zaatar cracker

Salad with Tomatoes, cucumber, mint, fresh thyme, olives

Homemade Yogurt Ayran

They also sell a variety of authentic Lebanese Jams, Syrups, Pickles and Olive Oil ideal for your cooking at home!

Location: @coventgardenldn
Card Payment: Yes
Alcohol: No