#SimpleRecipe Chicken Chow Mein is delicious, its different to the normal Indian recipes we have at home and I’m going to show you my easy way of how I make it! So grab the ingredients below and watch this video https://youtu.be/-1v5LWoh7dg

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Update: Guys, just realised it’s missing from the video, but after the water from the chicken is evaporated, add the chicken stock with the 1 tbls Soya Sauce 🙏


600g Chicken Strips
1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Rice Vinegar
1 tbls Soya Sauce
1 tbls Corn Flour
Red Chilli Powder (to taste)
Salt (to taste)

600g Egg Noodles
250g Stir Fry Mix (@asda brand)
1 tbls Soya Sauce
1 tbls Sesame Oil
1 tsp Ginger Garlic Paste
1 Red Chilli
1 Onion Sliced
500ml Chicken Stock (2 Stock Cubes)
Salt (to taste)
Garnish – Sesame Oil (Optional)
Sprinkle Sesame Seeds
Sprinkle Chopped Spring Onions